Sarah Sobieski | Are You A Leader Worth Following?

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sarah sobieski

Sarah Sobieski, Leadership | Are You A Leader Worth Following?

What is it about some leaders that make them worth following? Leaders possess an innate desire to make a difference, a need to solve problems and ultimately a drive to get results that matter. How can a leader bring about results that make a difference and what must happen for the leader to bring about change?

1) Leaders are a catalysts of change.

Leaders must drive change in order for change to be perceived as positive. This means that a leader must not only be open to change but he or she must change from within so that it resonates genuinely with those he or she leads.  Leaders must model change as well as motivate change. Leaders know what inspires them and and what they are passionate about.  Catalysts bring change to their environments, create an atmosphere where change is possible and consistently remain open to personal growth.

2) Making room for what matters.

Leaders are selective about how they choose to spend their time in their personal lives and workplace to make room for positive change and growth.  Leaders are selective about how they spend their time in order to form a solid foundation for others to build on. They carefully construct the  pillars upon which everything is built upon by stripping away everything that is unnecessary for success. Leaders go bare-bones and look at the skeleton of their organizations, families, and lives to ensure that there is strength and power behind everything else that is done.

3) Leaders are cautious about what they add to their lives.

Leaders carefully carve out their time and are selective about how they plan their day. Does the request to spend their time add value to their lives and others?   Leaders who make a difference contribute much more than they take. They invest in themselves and the people that are important to them

Leadership is often perceived to be unattainable and reserved for individuals who are groomed by upper management. But the reality is that there are plenty of resources available to grow into a leader and influence real and significant change.

Which of the above attributes resonates the most with you?  What motivates you?What inspires you to achieve greatness?  What would you add to the list? Add your thoughts in the comments below.


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