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Sarah Sobieski

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The best part of actively working on your leadership skills is that you get to focus on what you have accomplished in ways you may not have realized without taking such an active stance. By paying attention to and measuring your progress more objectively you may realize that you are achieving your goals more rapidly then you previously thought.

Take note of the following list and keep track of how many of these actionable items you can give yourself credit for doing:

1. You don’t repeat the same mistakes.  By learning from your mistakes you are turning your mistakes into valuable lessons that not only you can benefit from but you can use to help mentor others who see you as a leader.   Mistakes have the power to turn us into something better than we were before.

2. You have a short and long-range plan and actively seek to attain your set goals. If you’re taking an active stance vs. passively waiting for the right chance to come to you, you’ve taken one of the most important steps toward success. When you treat every new opportunity as a way to expand and explore the possibilities before you the path to success becomes much more clear.

3. You pursue your interests. If you are pursuing your hobbies and interests that you are passionate about you are on the right track.  While other people are lamenting over things that have gone wrong you are exploring other outlets that allow you to lead a balanced life.

4. You are confident in your abilities.  The ole fake it ’til you make it adage actually holds value in the sense that while you are adding a tinge of bravado to your daily life you will eventually take notice that you’re actually accomplishing what you set out to do. We all have a little voice that at times keeps us stuck–but it’s our choice to sweep that negative curmudgeon aside by keeping faith in your own capabilities and strength.

5. You don’t let your thoughts control you. Our life is made up of our thoughts, and if you want to accomplish great things you have to learn to manage your mindset–the thoughts that become actions that become who you are. If you can manage a positive mindset, you can exert a positive control over your destiny.

6. You don’t give up. It can be among the hardest of decisions: whether to give something up or try harder. But if you want something you’ve never had, you have to do things you’ve never done. When you stop trying is when you stop caring, but tenacity is the antidote to failure–whether it’s real or potential.

7. You embrace challenges. You don’t grow when things are easy but when you embrace your challenges. The greater the challenges, the greater the potential for growth and opportunity.

8. You face your fears. Most people see fear coming and run. But if you can face your fear, you become stronger than you were. Fear is nothing more than an obstacle to progress and achievement, but if you can treat is as you would any other obstacle, you’ll be far better off than someone who had never been afraid.

9. You make healthy choices. It may be a cliche, but health really is one of the most important things you can possess. Your body is a priceless possession, and even if you’re young and vigorous, it’s important to take good care of it and appreciate it.

10. You give back. Success is a mixture of what you gain but true leadership is all about what you do for others. If you are encouraging others to be their own personal best, then you are more successful than most; the greatest success any of us can know is helping another grow and succeed.

11. You’re free to do what you want. If you have freedom, you’re far better off than all those who worry about what others will say or think. They don’t have the luxury of doing what they’d like but are always second-guessing or defending their own choices.

12. You grow each year. If you are still learning, still growing, still developing, congratulations. You’re constantly adding value not only to yourself but those around you.

What have you learned about yourself from going through this list?  Share your feedback in the comment section below!

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