Sarah Sobieski | Key To Success Begins With Great Listening Skills



Sarah Sobieski writes about how the path to success begins with great listening skills.


We all have different ways of expressing ourselves and it takes a certain type of person and awareness to navigate successfully through the various personality types.

Do you score high on emotional intelligence tests?  Emotional intelligence provides the canvas necessary to help one understand people better, attain heightened levels of success and keep emotions balanced.  These traits are the backbone of true confidence.

To improve emotional intelligence become more introspective while you lead and interact with others. Here are three techniques to further develop your emotional intelligence:

1.  Observe how you respont to people. When speaking with someone do you hear them out completely and keep an open mind throughout the conversation?  Do you take the time and process before you interact with others-try to put yourself in their place and be open and accepting of their perspectives and needs? When you do, out of your observation will come new perspective and new respect.

2. Practice the art of being interested instead of interesting. An important component of developing emotional intelligence is learning not to jump in, fix and react but to listen effectively to verbal and nonverbal cues. If you listen quietly and confidently you give the other person a chance to speak and be heard, keeping the focus on them rather than seeking attention for yourself, learning from them and acknowledging their feelings even if you disagree.

3.  Becoming more introspective will also increase emotional intelligence by increasing self-awareness. With a solid understanding of oneself one is better prepared to communicate effectively and build strong relationships. With regard to your emotions what are your weaknesses? Can you accept your imperfections while still working to improve? It is worth the effort to seriously ponder your own shortcoming, evaluate your positive attributes and use this knowledge to positively change your life. It may be stressful and difficult, especially early on, but it will help you develop your ability to stay calm and manage difficult situations in the business world and your personal life by becoming a more accountable and stronger person.

Consistently analyzing your strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to your communication skills is a process that will yield profound results that are powerful and essential predictors of success.

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